Hello, I’m Lowell

I’m an Art Director, a hands-on Visual Designer, the current Vice President of a non-profit called The Julian Foundation; an Analog Photographer, an occasional Painter, Zinester, and a former Organizer of the Long Beach Zine Fest. I’m based in Long Beach, CA.

I made the decision to go to school for web design & multimedia because I was afraid to make a living as a starving artist.

I knew code already and I built websites with primitive Angelfire free accounts and Myspace. Eventually I ended up changing majors to Graphic Design because it felt more akin to my soul. I graduated in 2005 and started working in web design anyhow. Since then, my professional experience has come from mostly small to medium-sized agencies working in advertising / marketing, user interface, responsive web, digital/visual design, graphic design, social media, and print. I’ve redesigned full corporate websites, launched social media and marketing campaigns, and have tackled a handful of apps. More recently I’ve worked as an in-house managing Art Director at a certain American financial corporation, coaching and overseeing a team of 5-10 designers (at any given time) and helping evolve the brand and business through various marketing and design-driven campaigns.


Casual mode, photo by my wife Sara Todd.

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A few more words, if you’ve got the time:

The Julian Foundation

I’m currently serving as the Vice President of the Julian Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by a close circle of friends in honor of our late friend Julian Collender. Our mission is to create positive social change by supporting the pursuit of education, artistic endeavors and creative self-expression within the same diverse interests and passions as Julian’s. We focus on the outcasts and misfits, the ones that need a second chance or nice swift kick in the ass.

Long Beach Zine Fest

I was amongst a small group of fellow zinesters and zine enthusiasts who got together in 2015 to organize the Long Beach Zine Fest at the Museum of Latin American Art. On it’s second year, we hosted over 100 zinesters to showcase their work alongside bands and local vendors creating a whole day’s worth of fun for all ages. It has quickly become one of the museum’s largest events, with our most recent fest gathering over 3,500 visitors on the single day. I was responsible for the branding, marketing, and event design.

Freeways Collide

This is the collective studio where I work on selective creative projects with my wife, Sara Todd. With our diverse background in the arts, including shooting photos on both analog and digital for fashion and editorial clients, painting and drawing for fun, and writing for a variety of publications such as Metal Magazine and Space15Twenty, we’ve established a certain repertoire with our work that constantly evolves with our interests and our collaborations.


Art Direction
Visual Design
Branding & Identity
Responsive Web
UI / UX Design
Print Design
Mobile App Design
Digital Product Design
Integrated Advertising
Social Advertising
Event Branding
Set Design
Video Production
Adobe CC
Sketch App

Analog Photography

“ Making a definitive declaration of intent or meaning kills the photograph.”
– Daido Moriyama