Transamerica 401K Day

Creative Direction / Design

Long Beach Zine Fest

Creative Direction / Design

Belvedere Vodka Social

Art Direction / Design

PopSwish iOS Game

Art Direction / Design / UI

Dungeon Keeper Social Ads

Design / Social

Charles Schwab Welcome Kit

Art Direction / Design

Sml Wheels

Design / Print

Jaguar Cars

Design / UI

Poedes Poetry Book

Design / Print

Killzone : ShadowFall

Design / UI


“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lowell for quite some time on projects ranging from designing landing pages, emails, and social media sharables, all the way through complete website overhauls and redesigns. His sensibilities as a designer shine through his work, and as a person he is a delight to work alongside. Lowell is a positive, welcoming person, incredibly thoughtful in both his designs and personality, and I recommend him among the highest of my colleagues.

Christopher Wilcox
Senior Marketing Manager

“Lowell truly stands out in the crowd as a master of his talents. Not only he is a gifted art director but also a brilliant designer as well. He is passionate of his craft and is always a pleasure to work with. Along with his talent, he is a true team player that will always stay late with his team to accomplish the task at hand. He will bring his warmth, enthusiasm and his charm to every meeting. He is very personable and easy to get along with. His ideas and solutions never fail to impress me. It was sincerely a pleasure to work with him.”

Mark Lee
Senior Product Designer

“I have worked with Lowell for the last two years and was successful in placing him on a design project. Lowell is very easy to work with. He replies quickly to all communication, is flexible with scheduling, and provides full transparency throughout the process. I have heard nothing but praise from clients regarding Lowell’s work and I hope to continue working with him throughout his design career”

Francis Salenga
Senior Talent Manager